• Brett

3 Things for Your Christmas List

As a boy I remember my mom setting up a small chalk board and chalk every December. She would have my brother and I write what we wanted for Christmas on the board.

I don’t remember ever having any trouble coming up with a list…but I don’t I also don’t remember many of the gifts. Do you? Can you remember your Christmas gifts when you were a kid? I can only come up with 4 or 5 over the course of several years.

The experience of Christmas does change as we grow up. For me it was Star Wars toys, then video games and CDs (an archaic source of music on a flat disc), finally the latest hi-tops.

Somewhere along the way I started wanting Christmas to mean more. Gathering with family, seeing old friends, strengthening my faith and meeting other people’s needs. Can you relate?

Sorry if this sounds like the super sappy song “My Grown Up Christmas List”! Guess there is some truth to it.

Here are three things to put on your Christmas list no matter your age. Put them on your list. If you GIVE yourself these gifts you will make it a Christmas to remember.

1) Rest.

It has been a hard year. We say that every year but this one was different. Everyone I talk to is actually working harder and feels more exhausted than ever before.

I know you have so many reasons why you can’t rest. Trying to create a great Christmas for your family. A job that never lets up. Family commitments. Possibly even some anxiety if you stop running you might reflect and feel worse. Ouch, I know, sorry about that.

I also know if you feel discouraged, overwhelmed and defeated adding exhaustion will not help. It won’t. It can’t. You know it is true.

Take some PTO, sleep in, tell the family you are having a “do nothing” day. The only goal is to rest physically and emotionally. No rushing, no working. Eat your favorite foods, wear your favorite clothes and take as many naps as you can! After you sleep in of course.

CAUTION – TELLING YOU WHAT YOU ALREAD KNOW, but you need to hear it again. Your work will still be there, there will b