• Brett

Are You Having a Hard Time Being Thankful?

Let’s just get this out of the way…most people are not ungrateful.

I suppose there are a few:

Ruthless critics who only complain and feel everyone and everything is against them. Instead of grateful they are hateful.

The few entitled folks who seem to feel they deserve any good thing they get. They can only see the world as existing to make them happy. Most age out of that eventually but not all.

They are the exceptions.

You, however, are a grateful person, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to be thankful.

Especially right now. Inflation, supply chain issues, work always being short staffed and no matter how much we want Covid to go away, it hasn’t. I get it.

Having a sense of gratitude and being thankful is hard when things are hard.

There is the sappy Hallmark movie or the always over-the-top family member who will try to get us to pause and “be thankful”, yet those don’t seem too authentic.

Maybe in the next few weeks around Thanksgiving you will actually get some quiet or have that rare moment that sparks something and you remember the good things in your life and how you appreciate them. Those are great, but unfortunately rare.

Let’s cut to the chase, does it matter if you are thankful or not? Is it an issue of manners or being polite?

There is something more to thankfulness than being a nice person. A great deal more. Ultimately your level of thankfulness is a big determiner in how hard hearted or soft hearted you are.

A hard heart may accomplish a lot but it is never able to have peace and it is signing up for a future filled with frustration. A soft heart enjoys rest (even when things are hard) and has real and full life to look forward to in the future.

Assuming you don’t want uneasiness now and frustration in the future, it is an easy choice. Not only does the soft heart avoid this but when you are thankful you end up braver, better connected and more aware.

I have a friend who is thankful, almost to a fault. He thanks me for calling him when I call and ask him to help me! He continually downplays challenges and obstacles in his life. He doesn’t ignore them, but he doesn’t obsess about them. He is too busy being grateful for all the great things in his life.