• Brett

Do "They" Know Who You Are Voting For?

Not really a fair question and I will admit it is something of click bait...I hope the title was enough to pique your interest.

The question do "they" know who you are voting for really depends on who "they" are. In this case, the "they" are your neighbors.

Some people go all out during election season with bumper stickers, yard signs, window clings and even were hats and shirts promoting their candidate. Not too hard to figure out who they are voting for.

Others don't tell anyone anything about how they will vote. To each his own I suppose.

The they I am referring to are your neighbors. There is nothing inherently wrong with your neighbors knowing how you will vote. But should they know more? I think they should.

I love this story from Cedar Park, Texas. Two neighbors were clearly voting for different candidates for president, but they insisted on not allowing it to compromise their relationship.

Here is the point of the article.

"The women happen to be very close friends. The pair became instant friends when Hancock moved into the house next door to Litton six years ago. My husband and I have a special needs child, Litton told CNN. During difficult times, Tasha was always there for us. She would decorate our garage with signs and leave things in the fridge for when we returned from the hospital. And I did similar things for her when she needed it. Because they had become good friends before they learned about each other's political leanings, they said they were able to easily accept it"

You can read the whole story here.

I don't know your neighbors (maybe you don't either?). But I do know you have a unique opportunity to be a representative of Jesus to your neighbor. Whether "they" know who you are voting for or not....make sure they know who you are following and why.

Loving your neighbor has never been more critical. My street has both Bidden and Trump signs in different yards. But every house has a neighbor living there and I am commanded t