• Brett

Does Your Mom Care?

Of course your mom cares! But maybe not about some things. Simple question, do you think your mom cares more about what you have done or who you become?

No tricks. I think I can, with a little hesitation, speak for most moms, they care far more about who you are than what you have accomplished.

Mother's day is around the corner. It is a great day! Young kids will make gifts to show their moms how much they love them. Teenagers will try to buy gifts with mixed results and likely not even use their own money!

Adults, well we give gifts, but we often try to give experiences for Mother's Day. Lunch at a favorite restaurant, a day of coffee and shopping, maybe mom's favorite movie. You should do all these things.

Can I humbly offer you consider giving one other gift? Maybe even the best gift. Become the "right" person. Making your mom proud of who you are is the best gift you can give her. It will fill her with a joy nothing else can touch. I recently shared in a message about this. You can watch it here.

(If you don't want to watch the whole thing, can't say I blame you! Check out the 14:11 minute mark)

You becoming the right person is not only a great gift for your mom, but it will make your family better, your co-workers will appreciate it and your neighbors will be glad to live by you! There is no downside in this!

Become the right person...how? The short answer is to authentically follow Jesus. It will make you better at relationships and it will make your relationships better.

There are a few everyday actions you can take. Here are four ways to express what is happening on the inside.

Be Present. Yes give presents too, but one of the best presents you can give mom (or anyone else) is to actually be present when you are with them.


We have all seen it and I know I have done it. You probably have too. We have been in the physical space with people but have invested ourselves in the digital space of our phone.

Even If I don't have my phone in my hand I have sat with people I care about thinking about work or sports or my project at home. Being present is just that, giving the other person your attention. It is a gift.

Jesus was a master at this. No one around Jesus ever wondered if they mattered to Him. Could you imagine him scrolling or looking over your shoulder to see who else was around when you were talking to him? Nah me either.

Be like Jesus, Be present