Fact Checking the Lies I Tell Myself

Lying has permeated every area of life.

Facebook and other social media platforms have fact checking to flag posts they feel are not truthful.

The government recently tried to create a Disinformation Governance Board (it didn’t go over well).

A few years back we started hearing claims by politicians and celebrities of fake news when stories broke they didn’t like either because they were untrue or unflattering.

It should be obvious but I will say it anyway.

The reason we hate lying is because everything in us knows lies are used to manipulate. Lies hurt relationships because they break trust. We pull away from lies like spoiled milk.

No matter what you think about the media, politicians, or the government they aren’t your biggest problem. There is one person who lies to you more than any other. You.

You are the biggest liar you know!

We lie to ourselves all the time, about everything. Let me give you a non-controversial example. When I go to the grocery store and actually have someone run the register for me I enter a danger zone!

I see the magazine with Chris Hemsworth (who plays Thor) in great shape and it reminds me of my own commitment to get in shape. It is right next to the fridge with the ice cold Dr. Pepper. Which is next to the rack with the 3 Musketeers bars.

I decided to not drink soda for a while because I am getting in shape….just like Thor. However, I am also hungry and thirsty. So while I read the article about Hemsworth and his workouts, I go ahead and pick up, open and start drinking the Dr Pepper telling myself this is a good decision because I am not eating a candy bar.

See what I mean. I am good at lying to me and you are good at lying to you.