• Brett

Have you seen The Chosen?

When you find something really good, you want to share it. That is life right? You want good things for the people around you, and you secretly like being the one who turned them on to this great new product or experience! It is fun seeing your friends enjoy what you enjoy.

I found something. I think you will enjoy it, I also think you will enjoy sharing it with your friends, neighbors and co-workers...because it is that good.

The Chosen is a Netflix style show tracing the life of Jesus. Many movies and shows have been made about Jesus but this one is different.

The quality of the acting, the cinematography and the story telling is first rate.

The producers and writers have been incredibly careful to present the story faithful to the Bible.

It is not only inspiring but it is very entertaining. Is this for you? I think so.

Do you know the story of Jesus...at least the big parts but a little fuzzy on the rest? Then this is for you. It can do a fantastic job of filling in the blanks.

Do you know the story better than any other story? Then this will inspire you and give light and color to what you know.

I know it sounds a little like I am selling this. I guess I am, but here's the crazy part. This is free. You can watch it completely free. You will either down load the app or watch it through their website.

Most people start watching an episode or two and then find they have binged the whole season!

You can check out the trailer.