• Brett

Stop Caring....

I think I need to care less this year! Not be careless but care less.

Have you noticed how people are keyed up? Doesn’t take much to see a conversation go from boring to ballistic with just a couple of phrases. A lot of folks have a hair trigger.

Now more than ever, when people who don’t know each other well talk, they float conversational trial balloons. We have to see where the other person agrees or disagrees. Maybe a casual mention of the virus or the economy…how do they react. Is this person an ally who agrees and so it is safe for me to share my views, or do they disagree and I may have to argue or say nothing and remember not to talk to them anymore?

It can be exhausting constantly having to “check” where everybody is at before you can discuss anything. But we want to protect our echo chamber.


Maybe you just don’t have any more fuel to care. People have been screaming “fire” about everything lately and you are burned out. You can’t seem to muster much energy for the latest crisis, conspiracy or injustice. The part of you that cares, your carer is worn out (I know it is not a word but it is real).

With all of this I have decided the best strategy for my own mental, emotional and spiritual health is to care less. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to ignore important things, just the opposite. I want to give my best to what matters most.

In your life, you absolutely should have some things you care about deeply, passionately and consistently. But they need to be the right things.

I want to humbly offer you a filter for figuring out what to care about and what to care less about.

1) Stay out of the dumpster, especially when it is on fire.

Is it gossip, a sensationalized story or a conspiracy theory screaming for your attention? It seems like most of what is reported in the “news” these days falls into one of these categories. It is not worth your time.