• Brett

The Dark Side of Doubt

I am a Star Wars fan. I know it isn’t for everybody, only the really cool people like Star Wars. I will say the originals were the best in my opinion, way better than the second and third generations.

A certain villain in the Star Wars franchise had some of the best lines. In the biggest NO WAY moment of my young movie watching life I learned Luke Skywalker, everyone’s hero, was Darth Vader’s son. What Impossible!!

Say this line with me in your best Darth Vader voice, “Turn to the dark side and join me…Luke I am your father”.

Yeah I know it is over the top but there is a point. You are invited over to the dark side daily. Doubt whispers this to you all the time.

We have been working through our doubts together using the Lord’s Prayer as our model for prayer and a brilliant answer to our doubts. I have said several times you have to deal with your doubt so your doubt doesn’t take you out.

While it is not a cheery topic, your doubt can be dangerous and it invites you over to the dark side in 3 ugly flavors. I know flavors aren’t ugly, but you know what I mean.

Doubt invites you to miss out – This one is mostly a personal cost. When you doubt yourself it causes you to miss out on both good things and God things.

Doubts about your abilities are fine if they come from a healthy view of your strengths and weaknesses, that helps us to live well. I know I will never be a talented musician and if someone asked me to play piano for a crowd I don’t doubt it would be bad, I know it would be bad!

Self-doubt is the dark side. Self- doubt not only tells us we can’t, it gets personal. Telling us we are too big of a mess to have any value. It blurs the line between ability and worth. Self-doubt lies to us. The truth is, we wouldn’t let other people talk to us the way we talk to ourselves when we are filled with the dark side of self-doubt.

As a result we miss out, we miss out on relationships, on trying new things, on having hope…because our self-doubt takes us down a dark road.

Doubt Makes Cynics Into Heroes – Doubting, refusing to believe, knowing better, laughing at all the mindless sheep, mistrusting everyone and everything because they are all liars. The cynic learns to be proud of their cynicism and quick to pronounce judgement even though they insist they are not judgmental. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The dark side of doubt builds cynics brick by brick. The progress is deceptively slow, hard to notice at first. It works likes those few extra pounds you put on, no big deal until one day the pants don’t fit, the scale is lying and your mirror has broken somehow because there is no way you look like that.